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Have a question or two? Not to worry, I've got you covered with my most frequently asked questions!

How does it work?

After purchasing your portrait from my website, I email you straight away with an order form for your portrait, requesting details such as the size and style you wish for your portrait/s to be drawn in as well as the photos you wish to use. It's also a great opportunity to tell me if you would like for any changes to be made to your portrait, such as sunglasses being removed and more!

Are your portraits printed?

As these are digital portraits and I email them straight to you, I do not print them, which takes out the crazy mark ups that others add on! Instead, I have a super fast 3 business day turnaround and send your portraits to your inbox for your review, before sending you the final version! 

How long does it take?

After receiving your order form, I will have your order back to you for your review within 3 business days!

Can you combine photos or add people in?

    This is a very common question! It just depends on the size and quality of the photos you have available, so feel free to send me a message on my social media platforms to confirm this prior to your purchase!

    How do I order a portrait with more than 6 people, or more than 4 pets?

    To order a portrait or portraits such as this, please email me at emma@faceemportraits.com or send a private message to my Facebook or Instagram (@faceemportraits) and I will send you a custom invoice. For portraits with more than 6 people or more than 4 pets, an additional charge of $5 per person / pet will apply. Example: For a portrait of 8 people, the standard price of a 6 person portrait ($45) will apply, with an additional $5 per figure. This will mean the total cost of the portrait will be $55.

    How many revisions may I have?

      With each order, I include 2 revisions, so be sure to choose carefully the details you would like to be changed! Revisions are for relatively minor fixes (e.g. removing sunglasses) and revisions such as adding another person or pet in will not be accepted.

      Can you draw the patterns on clothing or tattoos?

      As I pride myself on my delivery of the minimalist style, I do not draw the patterns on clothing, outside of a small logo. If a person in your photo is wearing a blue dress with white flowers, I will deliver your portrait as the person wearing a blue dress. I do not draw in tattoos as the intricacy directly contracts with the simplicity of the portraits. If you have a specific enquiry prior to purchase, please email me at emma@faceemportraits.com or send me a message on Facebook / Instagram (@faceemportraits).

      Which charity do you donate to?

        Face Em Portraits proudly donates $2 from every portrait sold to the McGrath Foundation.

        I have a picture of my pet and I, so do I choose people portrait or pet portrait? 

          It is entirely up to you, either way I can confirm it will be a beautiful portrait!

          Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

          If you have changed your mind about the specific details of your order (example, style or size), please message me as soon as possible and I will amend your order providing I haven't already started your order. For all orders that have been started and completed, no refunds or exchanges will be provided for change of mind. If your order doesn't meet your expectations, all orders come with 2 revisions so that I may bring your order closer to what you had in mind with a very fast turnaround time. Face Em Portraits is compliant with the ACCC and Australian Consumer Law under repairs, replacements and refunds. For all enquiries, please email me at emma@faceemportraits.com


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